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Loyalty Program

Benefits of Registering for Our E-Shop

By registering for our e-shop, you will gain several advantages without any obligation.

  • Simplicity - You only need to enter your delivery address once during registration, and you won't have to enter it again for future orders.
  • Order History Overview - In your account, you can view all your previous orders, their items, and status.
  • Special Offers and Promotions - We prepare special offers, design editions, or discounts for registered customers.
  • Bonus Program- Earn discounts on your future purchases; more information can be found below.

Bonus Program

We have prepared a bonus system for completed purchases. The total amount you spend on purchasing our products will automatically convert into point value at a rate of 10 EUR = 1 Point = 1 EUR discount on your next purchase. All registered customers can collect points.

How can I earn bonus points?

You earn bonus points for every completed and paid purchase. Once you accumulate enough bonus points, you can apply them to your next purchase. In other words, the more you shop, the bigger discounts you can get. Bonus points are added after the order is paid and not immediately after the purchase. Conversely, if an order is canceled or a credit note is issued (e.g., when goods are returned or not accepted), points are deducted using the same formula that was used to add them. Points are added according to the formula 10 EUR = 1 Point

How can I use bonus points?

Your accumulated points bring you discounts. You can see your point balance after logging into your customer account. In the shopping cart, you can see the balance of bonus points with the option to use them.

Combining with discount coupons

You cannot use both points and discount coupons on a single order. If you want to use a coupon, you won't be able to discount the order using points and vice versa. The used discount coupon affects the total order amount and, consequently, the total number of points earned.

Points Overview

An overview of the number of bonus points you've earned is always available on the "Login" page by clicking on "My Account" in the upper right corner of our e-shop. Please note that the number of your bonus points will be added only after the order is paid. After each use of your points, their quantity will be immediately deducted from your bonus account.

What happens to the earned points if I purchase a product without using bonus points and then decide to return it?

When you return a purchased product, you also return the earned bonus points. Your point balance will be recalculated to its original state before that purchase.

And what about the validity of my points?

The validity of your bonus points is limited to 365 days.

Additional Information

Bonus points are not a currency and have no real monetary value. We reserve the right to change the program parameters at any time or cancel it. In case of program abuse or fraud, sanctions may include suspending the customer's right to participate in this program. Bonus points cannot be applied when exchanging goods.