Women´s set Eleven Mia Annika Retro 17

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Women's running t-shirt with short sleeves in an attractive design and fashionable colors is made of highly functional material Micro. It is designed for all kinds of sports, both indoor and outdoor, is suitable for casual wear.

Micro is lightweight fine knit polyester fabric with excellent breathability. Reverse side of microfibres ensures efficient removal of sweat to the upper layer, which has a coarser structure for fast evaporation. 

Made in the Czech Republic.

Lightweight skirt ELEVEN Mia Retro 17 is a stylish addition for your sports outfit.

It has a comfortable fit, functional material ensures comfort and long life.

Anklet socks, cycling, sports, casual, fashion, funny designs. Very good for summer hot days.


  • 73% cotton
  • 17% polyamide
  • 8% polypropylene
  • 2% elastane