Men's cycling set Combi Thermo Black Reflex

Discounted combination ELEVEN cycling clothing suitable for cold weather.

4 490,00 Kč s DPH

-990,00 Kč

5 480,00 Kč

Men's winter cycling jacket Eleven Combi Thermo Black Reflex is made from a combination of insulated materials. In the front side is resistant membrane HILL 85, the material in the rear is responsible for thermal comfort and ventilation. Anatomically sophisticated cut is combined with reflective elements and logos. In the rear there are 3 pockets + one zippered.

Men's long insulated, waterproof and nowind biker pants with lacle have a PROFI cut, which offers an anatomically sophisticated shape for precise placement of trousers and perfect comfort for the T.M.F lining.ACTIVE man 3D.The front part of the legs uses waterproof and nowind softshell material VENOM.The combination of STELVIO + LOMBARDIA materials has a high ability to maintain a pleasant temperature while offering good ventilation.The pants are finished with silicone rubber.

They are provided with reflective zip and reflective pasples on the sides of the legs.