Collect points for your orders and turn them into discount coupons

We appreciate you, loyal customers , and we ran bonus system. For every completed order will be 5 % of the value added to your loyalty account. You can apply your points at any time for any goods in your next order .

How do I get loyalty points?

WARNING - you can earn points and benefit only if you register in the customer system and if you use this account when shopping using. For one-off "Quick purchases" without registration bonus system is not active.

For your purchase you will receive loyalty points. These points will be credited to the account when the order will be delivered and you can also track the login and check your account .

How to use my loyalty points?

Collected points can always be turned into a voucher of 5 % of the value of your previous orders. The system will automatically generate the discount code at this level and it can be applied to any other order. Coupon value will be deducted from the order value. Valid points is not limited to, the coupon can transform any part of your score .

What are the system limitations?

First limitation for the bonus system is to register in our e-shop and use your customer account to order products. Only this way we can track your history and also your reward.