In this category of cycling clothing you find a wide range of sportswear and accessories for MTB and road cycling. Join a large family of our satisfied customers.

  • Cycling wear
  • Cycling Jerseys

    ELEVEN cycling jerseys have a sophisticated cut, use modern materials and we offer them in a wide range of different designs.

  • Cycling Pants

    ELEVEN cycling pants have a sophisticated cut and are made of the finest materials. We use only advanced lining to ensure maximum comfort even at high load.

  • Cycling Jackets

    Eleven Combi jackets combine two different materials - windbreak membranes with flexible breathable panels. They are lightweight and suitable for mildly cold weather. Only the Fanes Combi is more insulated.

  • Cycling Warmers

    Check out our wide range of standard accessories. You had to experiece situations, when weather changes throughout the day from cold to warm and back. If you don´t have a place for long pants and jacket - warmers are something that will help you.

  • Cycling Gilets
    Too cold for just a jersey, but not too cold for a jacket. Here you have a solution. Comfortable accessory for everyday cycling. Italian membrane in combination with netting. Optional back pockets. Very light with high wind and water resistance, excelent moisture transport.
  • Cycling sunglasses
  • Helmets R2

    The Czech manufacturer R2 is one of our favorite brands. Its wide range of cycling helmets will satisfy everyone, the low weight combined with high comfort and high-quality finish will make training and races more enjoyable.

  • Cycling shoes Lake
  • Special Editions
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Zobrazeno 1 – 24 z 44 položek