In this category of cycling clothing you find a wide range of sportswear and accessories for MTB and road cycling. Join a large family of our satisfied customers.

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  • Jackets

    When the vest is not enough, it's time for a long sleeve ... Our cycling jackets combine two different materials - windbreak membranes with flexible breathable panels. They are lightweight and suitable for mildly cold weather. This system also allows our bicycle jackets to be insulated against the wind in the front and perfectly drain the sweat at the back.

  • Jerseys
  • Pants
    Pants are available in two shapes - patterns. Horseshoe and 3- pannel cut. We use both for man and woman - same sizing. Both are offered with or without bibs. Select from short, 3/4 or long version. High quality TMF (Italy) padding - more options. Supplyer of elastic fabrics is MITI (Italy).
  • Warmers
    Check out our wide range of standard accessories. You had to experiece situations, when weather changes throughout the day from cold to warm and back. If you don´t have a place for long pants and jacket - warmers are something that will help you. Easy to wear, easy to store....
  • Gloves
    These two styles can cover all year use of gloves. Basic are made for MTB and road cycling. Find a design that you like. Both are unisex. Blocker is more for winter use - because of membrane from the top. XC skiing is also allowed:-)
  • Vests
    Too cold for just a jersey, but not too cold for a jacket. Here you have a solution. Comfortable accessory for everyday cycling. Italian membrane in combination with netting. Optional back pockets. Very light with high wind and water resistance, excelent moisture transport.
  • Cycling pads
  • Functional accessories
    Functional underwear ELEVEN sportswear forms the first layer of clothing, its main task is to transport moisture away from the body to the other layers and thus prevent overheating or chilling of the body.
  • Special Editions
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