Socks, socks and socks. Something absolutely necessary for eveybody. How much do you care about your socks? What are you expecting from them? We expect that you will like them and that they will be comfortable and long lasting. No matter if you are a cyclist, tourist or a non sporty. We are sure you will find the right design you will like.

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  • Compression Sleeves
  • Compression Socks
  • Compression Knee Socks
  • Socks Classic...
  • Socks Howa
    Higher socks for cycling (bike,road), all sports and casual wearing. Content: 75% Cotton, 10% Elastane, 10% Polyprophylen, 5% Polyamide.
  • Socks Luca
    Anklet socks, cycling, sports, casual, fashion. Content: 86% Cotton, 8% Polyamide, 6% Elastane.
  • Socks Sara
    Socks for lower temperatures, for Treking, all sports, winter cycling, mtb. Content: 70% Cotton, 10% Elastane, 20% Polyprophylen.
  • Socks Suuri

    High sports socks. Designed for all kinds of sports, as well as casual wear. Very nice fringe which avoids stiffness ventilation at the instep. Composition: 56% cotton, 3% elastane, 16% polypropylene, 25% polyamide.

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Zobrazeno 1 – 24 z 85 položek